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The Gathering Place

The newest branch of growth for the Dodson's On Broadway business is The Gathering Place! We are now able to offer our community a great venue for events that can seat 75 people, but can hold up to 99 guests in total! It is available for rental and the hourly rates are listed below. Use it for your next bridal or baby shower, business luncheon, or birthday party!

Call today to reserve the date for your next event!

H​ere at The Gathering Place, we have some guidelines that must be followed:

      • For rental it costs $50 an hour and you can pick up the key 30 minutes prior to your event. 

      • If you feel that you need MORE time to decorate and prepare  prior to your event then 

         you must be sure to account for that when planning how many hours you will need the rental hall for. 

         We like to keep our schedule tight in order to be courteous to others w​ho may be renting the hall on the same day.  

         Also we have to keep the building serviceable and bills must be paid.

      • The hall MUST be cleaned afterwards and look the way you received it. Again, clean-up time must be taken into

          consideration when purchasing the hours needed for the rental hall.

      • The key must be returned to Dodson's On Broadway immediately after the end of your time.

      • We offer catering and your options are limited to your budget and what you would liked served. 
          If you prefer, however, you are permitted to bring your own food of your choosing.

      • Please call for scheduling availability.

Located At:                     

323 West Broadway                                    

New Lexington, OH 43764    


Hours and Rates:     

$50 per hour

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